Hispanidades: España La Primera Hispanidad

By Robert L. Davis, David J. Curland and Luis Verano 126 Pages. 2nd Edition. DVD Included. ISBN 978-0982221709


The HISPANIDADES: ESPAÑA, LA PRIMERA HISPANIDAD (2nd Edition) textbook is part of a full multimedia course designed to provide students with the background to understand the heritage of the Hispanic world—its history, culture, art and literature.

A single DVD is included with each textbook which contains select video segments from
EL ESPEJO ENTERRADO (“The Buried Mirror”).
Video Segment for this Sample Chapter “Franco y la guerra civíl”

EXCERPTS:Table of Contents and Sample Chapter (PDF)
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76 Pages. 1st Edition. ISBN: 978-0982221754 By Terri Marlow. Edited by David J. Curland


This Grammar Review Workbook is designed to Accompany the textbook: Hispanidades: España La Primera Hispanidad (2nd Edition).

The text uses segments of EL ESPEJO ENTERRADO, a film created and narrated by Carlos Fuentes with the collaboration of the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. The film segments serve as a springboard for related study of literature, history, culture, linguistics and grammar. Because grammar continues to be so fundamental to advanced study of Spanish, the companion workbooks have been designed to serve as a much more complete treatment of those issues than what was possible in the original text. The chapters in the workbook parallel those in the original texts, with the Answer Key to the exercises included at the end. The authors for these Grammar Review supplements are Sonia Zuñiga-Lomeli (Latin America) and Terri Marlow (Spain).

The Hispanidades: España La Primera Hispanidad text (which contains a DVD with Excerpts from the full video series) coupled with this Grammar Review / Workbook, become unique and powerful tools for instructors at intermediate college level as well as part of Advanced Placement (and International Baccalaureate) courses in high school.