Study Guide for El Espejo Enterrado – SPANISH Language Edition

By Juan Epple, James Heinrich and David J. Curland 160 Pages. 2nd Edition. ISBN: 978-0982221747
This Spanish language Study Guide is the companion to the Spanish language version of the 5-DVD video series EL ESPEJO ENTERRADO (written and narrated by the famous Mexican writer and social commentator, Carlos Fuentes).

This Study Guide is the updated replacement for the “Workbook to accompany El Espejo Enterrado” by the same authors originally published by McGraw-Hill.

The series of five programs takes you on a fascinating journey through five hundred years of Spanish and Latin American history. Each one-hour program contains a number of short units (called unidades) lasting from four to eight minutes and dealing with a specific topic. The divisions into units is a creation of the authors and not indicated on film.

Often, study of the rich and varied culture of the Spanish-speaking world becomes separated from the study of the Spanish language. When accompanied by this Study Guide, the video series provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Spanish while simultaneously learning a great deal about Hispanic culture, beautifully presented on film with accompanying commentary by Carlos Fuentes.

This study guide is intended to facilitate an understanding of Fuentes commentary and the nature of the issues he discusses. Students will find that preparing themselves for each unit by reading carefully the summary (resumen) and studying the vocabulary and phrases as well as thinking about the issues (ideas para pensar) before viewing the video itself will make Fuentes commentary much easier to understand.