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Robert L. Davis

Robert L. Davis is Associate Professor and the Director of the Language Instruction in Romance Languages at the University of Oregon. He teaches courses in Spanish language, historical linguistics, and teaching methodology. His interests include language pedagogy and materials development, in particular the development of language skills within content-based instruction. He has co-authored introductory textbooks on the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world (Entrevistas [2004], Portafolio [2007], McGraw Hill), an advanced oral skills textbook (Tertulia [2001], Cengage), and articles on language pedagogy, materials development, and language program direction


David Curland

David Curland is Senior Instructor Emeritus, Department of Romance Languages, University of Oregon . He was involved in the early application of film and video to the foreign language classroom and is the author of several instructional video series: LA CATRINA (1992, P/H) and its sequel EL ULTIMO SECRETO (1997 P/H) as well as their accompanying novellas. The original workbook to accompany The Buried Mirror was co-authored by Prof. Juan Epple, Jim Heinrich and Curland. EL ESPEJO ENTERRADO. (1994, McGraw-Hill) . He was awarded two Fulbright lectureships: University of Madrid (1972-73) and University of Seville (1977-78).


Francisco Lomeli

Francisco A. Lomelí is a Professor in the Departments of Chicana/Chicano Studies and Spanish & Portuguese at the University of Santa Barbara since 1978. He has served as Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UCSB, as well as Director of Education Abroad in Costa Rica. He has published extensively on Chicano literature and culture, including border studies, literary history and media. He has produced a number of articles on Latin American literature and culture, particularly regional studies (Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Central America). Among his publications are La novelística de Carlos Droguett: poética de la obsesión y el martirio (1983), Chicano Literature: A Reference Guide (1985), Chicano Studies: A Multidisciplinary Approach (1983), three volumes of Dictionary of Literary Biography (1989, 1993, 1999), Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the U.S.: Literature and Art (1993), Barrio on the Edge (2000), Nuevomexicano Cultural Legacy: Forms, Agency and Discourse (2002), and most recently Chicano Sketches: Stories by Mario Suarez (2004).